Elafiti islands and Mljet

   In the immediate vicinity, northwest of Dubrovnik i a group of islands and islets is situated, which the ancient Greeks named Elafiti, as together they form the shape of deer (elaphus - spasm. deer). This archipelago consists of Sipan, Lopud, Kolocep, Olipa, Tajan and Jakljan, and a number of smaller islets and reefs. Nature with rocky shores and sandy beaches has made these islands famous resort of the aristocracy at the time of the Dubrovnik Republic, when many summer mansions were built, which still complement the idyllic image of island fishing villages.

   Island Sipan is the largest island in the group Elaphte archipelago. It was inhabited in prehistoric times. The interior of the island spread karst fields which, opening up to the east and west, create deep bays. On the shores of West Bay lies village Luka ?ipanska, while on the eastern shores of the bay has developed a village called Su?urad. On the island of Sipan is a lot of private houses with apartments built in the style typical of this area.

   Lopud Island is located northwest of Dubrovnik. It is the second largest of Elaphiti islands and is located between Sipan and Kolo?e. In the Middle Agesn it was named the Insula media '(Latin for Middle Island). Lopud Island is the most developed Elaphit. Popular sandy beach ?unj is often the destination of hikers and swimmers. At each step at the island various medieval fortresses and chapels merge, which illustrate the history of this island. Lopud island is peaceful and is suitable for holidays in silence among the cypress trees, palm trees.

   Kolocep island is the closest to Dubrovnik. On the island there are two villages - Upper and Lower Forehead. Unlike most other islands in the Adriatic, Kolo?ep is rich of fertile soil and water, and is full of lush vegetation. Since ancient times Kolo?ep is known as an island of fishermen and coral, and today is the fishery area, specially rich in lobsters.

   Mljet is the most southerly and easterly of the larger Adriaticislands of the Dalmatia region of Croatia. The National Park includes the western part of the island, Velikojezero, Malojezero, Soline Bay and a sea belt 500 m wide from the most prominent cape of Mljet covering an area of 54 km2. The central parts of the park are Velikojezero with the Isle of St. Mary, Malojezero and the villages of Govedari (179 inhabitants), Pola?e (123 inhabitants) and Pomena (50 inhabitants).

Elafiti and Mljet photo gallery

Elafiti islands - Kolocep Elafiti islands - Kolocep Elafiti islands - Kolocep Elafiti islands - Kolocep Elafiti islands - Kolocep Elafiti islands - Kolocep
Elafiti islands - Lopud Elafiti islands - Lopud Elafiti islands - Lopud Elafiti islands - Lopud Elafiti islands - Sipan Elafiti islands - Sipan
Elafiti islands - Sipan Elafiti islands - Sipan Elafiti islands - Sipan Mljet Mljet Mljet
Mljet Mljet Mljet


Elafiti boat excursion itinerary

1. Atractive ride by superfast rib around old city walls and panoramic cruise of island of Lokrum - 30 min

1. Snorkling* in caves of island of Kolo?ep and island of ?ipan. - 60 min

2. Free time on ?ipan (Su?ura?) walk around small fishermen's vilage Su?ura? on Island of ?ipan - 30 min

3. Lunch* at Hotel Bo?ica 4 star hotel.
     Menu: dry ham, cheese, marinied anchovies, calamari, potatoes, salad, cake. - 60 min

4. Adrenalin ride on tuba* - 45 min

5. Free time on Island of Lopud reserved for swiming and relaxing on sandy beaches - 150 min

   * Snorkling gear, lunch and tuba riding included in the price.

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